All girls must be free from violence and harmful practices like FGM.

And all girls deserve to be healthy, educated and ready to take their place in the world

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What does a more just world look like?

For us, it starts with girls – to ensure they are free from FGM, from other harmful practices, from all forms of violence and that their rights are respected.

It starts with our work -- we help girls grow up healthy, educated and ready to take their place in the world.

It starts at the grassroots – with women who are leading in their own communities across the globe to end FGM within a generation.

It starts with youth leadership – today's youth are tomorrow's parents and they will make choices for their daughters' future.

With authentic leadership and a staff that is driven by a passion and commitment, Safe Hands for Girls is a leader in the kind of grassroots activism that can and will end FGM by 2030 and give hope to the millions of girls around the world.

Our programs develop youth leaders, help girls reach their full potential, provide support to survivors, train physicians and health workers, inform the public about the dangers of FGM and all harmful practices against girls and advocate for change.

When Isatou was subjected to FGM. at age 7, she felt pain, fear and confusion. Then, in 12th grade, she attended our training about FGM at her school. "It was an outstanding training," she says. "It brought together Islamic scholars, students, activists, legal practitioners and survivors. It made my understanding so easy and comprehensive." Today she describes herself as a child rights activist and a feminist and says FGM as a violation of human rights, of women's rights. Isatou trained to be one of our peer educators and now leads a group, that, like her, is committed to ending FGM. We know many girls like Isatou, who want change and are ready to lead to end FGM and tackle many other issues that affect their lives.

Each day, 6,000 girls are at risk.

Your support is needed today to end FGM by 2030, sustain Safe Hands for Girls programming, and ensure a brighter future for girls around the world.

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